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Critical Reasoning 101

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University of Oxford - Critical Reasoning

Are you confident you can reason clearly? Are you able to convince others of your point of view? Are you able to give plausible reasons for believing what you believe? Do you sometimes read arguments in the newspapers, hear them on the television, or in the pub and wish you knew how to confidently evaluate them?

In this six-part series, you will learn all about arguments, how to identify them, how to evaluate them, and how not to mistake bad arguments for good. Such skills are invaluable if you are concerned about the truth of your beliefs, and the cogency of your arguments.

Marianne Talbot is director of studies in philosophy at Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education.

Supplied courtesy of Oxford University under a Creative Commons Licence.

Note: The broacasting this series, or its inclusion in this website, in no way denotes a recommendation or endorsement by Oxford University.

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