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Grok ScienceThe Groks Science Show is a weekly science radio program and podcast produced in Baton Rouge, LA, Chicago, IL and Tokyo, Japan.

Each week, the hosts, Dr. Charles Lee, Dr. Frank Ling, and Samantha Thomas take an in-depth look at recent events in the world of science and technology, and examine the effects of recent discoveries on our daily lives.

Each episode features an interview with a leading scientist, researcher, or industrialist discussing stimulating work in their field. The show often includes a humorous and entertaining segment; plus the world famous question of the week!

Grok Science Show Show Archive:

In My Hands -— Groks Science Show 2018-10–10

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Cancer can take its toll on not only the patient, but also on the family, friends and caregivers that surround them. How do people cope with a cancer diagnosis? On this episode, Dr. Steven A. Curley discussed some of these stories in his new book, In My Hands.

Space Life -— Groks Science Show 2018-10–03

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Living on earth may be tough, but what about living in outer space? On this episode, Colin Stuart discussed how to live in space in the not-so-distant future.

Illogical Logic -— Groks Science Show 2018-09–26

Wednesday 26th September 2018

The world may seem like an illogical place at time, but is there room for logic in an illogical world? On this episode. Dr. Eugenia Cheng discussed the art of logic in an illogical world.

Cemetery Science -— Groks Science Show 2018-09–19

Wednesday 19th September 2018

A cemetery may not seem like the most ideal place to conduct science, but Mount Auburn Cemetery is involving citizens in a wide variety of scientific projects. On this episode, Paul Kwiatkowski and Jeanne Mooney discussed citizen science at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Sleepyhead -— Groks Science Show 2018-09–12

Wednesday 12th September 2018

Sleep is an essential part of our lives, but one that we rarely think about, unless something goes wrong. On this episode, Henry Nicholls discussed the neuroscience of sleep.

Visual Tracking -— Groks Science Show 2018-09–05

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Traumatic brain injury and other brain disorders can be difficult to diagnose properly. Eye tracking is one technique to assess neurological function. On this episode, Dr. Jam Ghajar discussed neurological eye tracking.

Food Fight -— Groks Science Show 2018-08–29

Wednesday 29th August 2018

Kids can be picky eaters, but is it possible to change their eating habits for the better? On this episode, Chef Gigi Gaggero discussed winning the food fight with kids.

Revolution in the Sky -— Groks Science Show 2018-08–22

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

What is the future of cargo delivery? Two brothers think it is in drones. On this episode, brothers Svilen and Konstantin Rangelov talk about their drone project, The Black Swan, that can transport 800 pounds of cargo over 1500 miles.

Sand Resources -— Groks Science Show 2018-08–15

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Sand is the most consumed natural resources on earth, incorporated in building materials throughout the world. But, are we endanger of depleting this resource? On this episode, Vince Beiser discussed the story of sand.

Lion Heart -— Groks Science Show 2018-08–08

Wednesday 8th August 2018

The modern world can be daunting to all creatures, especially the wild cats of America. On this episode, Will Solzenburg discussed his new book, Heart of a Lion.