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Grok ScienceThe Groks Science Show is a weekly science radio program and podcast produced in Baton Rouge, LA, Chicago, IL and Tokyo, Japan.

Each week, the hosts, Dr. Charles Lee, Dr. Frank Ling, and Samantha Thomas take an in-depth look at recent events in the world of science and technology, and examine the effects of recent discoveries on our daily lives.

Each episode features an interview with a leading scientist, researcher, or industrialist discussing stimulating work in their field. The show often includes a humorous and entertaining segment; plus the world famous question of the week!

Grok Science Show Show Archive:

Scientific Attitude -— Groks Science Show 2019-05–15

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Scientific findings are under increasing attack from pseudoscientific views. Why does this persist and what can be done to address this issue? On this episode, Lee C. McIntyre discussed the scientific attitude.

Evolutionary View -— Groks Science Show 2019-05–08

Wednesday 8th May 2019

The theory of evolution can be applied to many aspects of human life, not just the genetic. On this episode, David Sloan Wilson discussed this view of life.

Lost World -— Groks Science Show 2019-05–01

Wednesday 1st May 2019

The history of the settlement of North America may be more complicated than the classic story of the land bridge. On this episode, Craig Childs discussed the Atlas of a Lost World.

Eat Disease -— Groks Science Show 2019-04–24

Wednesday 24th April 2019

You are what you eat, so the old saying goes. But, can you eat to beat disease? On this episode, Dr. William W. Li discussed eating to beat disease.

Decentralized Currency -— Groks Science Show 2019-04–17

Wednesday 17th April 2019

In spite of their potential, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have not met the promise of a global money standard. On this episode, Bram Cohen discusses sustainable blockchain for next generation digital currency.

Strange Order -— Groks Science Show 2019-04–10

Wednesday 10th April 2019

The organization of human culture and society is often touted as the pinnacle of the rational human mind. But, are more basic affective processes actually at play? On this episode, Prof. Antonio Damasio discussed the strange order of things.

Authoritative Science -— Groks Science Show 2019-04–03

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

How has the role of science in society been shaped? Who were the key thinkers and how has scientific authority evolved? On this episode, Dr. Robert Crease discussed the workshop and the world.

Fresh Air -— Groks Science Show 2019-03–27

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Air pollution not only drives climate change but also respiratory and other health problems. On this episode, Jos Lelieveld discussed how lives could be saved today and in the future by eliminating the emissions associated with burning fossil fuels.

Cool Space -— Groks Science Show 2019-03–20

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Outer space is certainly cool, but just how cool is it? On this episode, Kate Howells discussed her new book, Space is Cool as F-ck.

Perfect Predator -— Groks Science Show 2019-03–13

Wednesday 13th March 2019

How do you fight an antibiotic-resistant bacteria? What would you do if one of your loved ones was fighting off such a bacteria? On this episode, Dr. Stephanie Strathdee discussed her story in the Perfect Predator.