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Grok ScienceThe Groks Science Show is a weekly science radio program and podcast produced in Baton Rouge, LA, Chicago, IL and Tokyo, Japan.

Each week, the hosts, Dr. Charles Lee, Dr. Frank Ling, and Samantha Thomas take an in-depth look at recent events in the world of science and technology, and examine the effects of recent discoveries on our daily lives.

Each episode features an interview with a leading scientist, researcher, or industrialist discussing stimulating work in their field. The show often includes a humorous and entertaining segment; plus the world famous question of the week!

Grok Science Show Show Archive:

Life Admin -— Groks Science Show 2019-02–20

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Although the daily chores of life may seem to be a burden, the ability to deal with these tasks is of growing importance. On this episode, Elizabeth Emens discussed tips and tricks for life admin.

Lookout America -— Groks Science Show 2019-02–13

Wednesday 13th February 2019

The most important Hollywood studio of the cold war is one that you probably do not even know about. On this episode, Prof. Ned OGorman discussed the Lookout Mountain Studios.

Globalism Nativism -— Groks Science Show 2019-02–06

Wednesday 6th February 2019

The current trends around the world that drive the tension between globalism and nativism have buoyed many populist governmental changes. On this episode, Dr. Alexandre Muns Rubiol discussed how to bridge the digital divide.

Mojito Diet -— Groks Science Show 2019-01–30

Wednesday 30th January 2019

A healthy lifestyle is always beneficial, but how can a mojito help? On this episode, Dr. Juan Rivera discussed the mojito diet.

Enchanted Hour -— Groks Science Show 2019-01–23

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Reading aloud has enormous benefits for children and adults, but why has this ancient activity fallen by the wayside? On this episode. Meghan Cox Gurdon discussed the power of reading aloud.

Hormone Disruption -— Groks Science Show 2019-01–16

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Hormone disrupting chemicals are found in our everyday environment, but what can we do to fight back? On this episode, Dr. Leonardo Trassande discussed the problem of hormone disrupting chemicals.

Einstein Breakfast -— Groks Science Show 2019-01–09

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Quantum mechanics may seem to be an esoteric topic that has little impact on our daily lives. Surprisingly, one can find the influence of quantum mechanics in our daily breakfast. On this episode, Chad Orzel discussed Breakfast with Einstein.

Otterficial Intelligence -— Groks Science Show 2019-01–02

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

What if computers could be as smart as otters? What would they do? On this program, Sam Liang joins us to talk about his artificial intelligence startup.

Setpoint Diet -— Groks Science Show 2018-12–26

Wednesday 26th December 2018

The setpoint theory suggests that our bodies have a natural range of weight that is determined. This setpoint can be changed to improve health and longevity. On this episode, Jonathan Bailor discussed the setpoint diet.

Dark Light -— Groks Science Show 2018-12–19

Wednesday 19th December 2018

Chronic illness can be a challenge for those coping with their condition. How can one transcend a chronic illness? On this episode, Lisa Sniderman discussed a Light in the Darkness.