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Exploration Michio Kaku 1Hosted by Michio Kaku, a weekly hour-long radio program on science, technology, politics, and the environment.

Topics covered include black holes, time travel, higher dimensions, string theory, wormholes, search for extraterrestrial life, dark matter and dark energy, the future of space travel, genetic engineering, the aging process, the future of medicine, the human body shop, artificial intelligence, the future of computers and robots, as well as topics from science fiction.

“‎By 2100, our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared. But our tools will not be magic wands and potions but the science of computers, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and most of all, the quantum theory.”
― Michio Kaku, Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100

Exploration Show Archive:

Exploration - New Era In Space Exploration

Monday 24th June 2019

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Robert Zubrin on the topic of New Era In Space Exploration 

Exploration - Life In Universe&Quantum Computers

Monday 10th June 2019

Dr. Michio Haku speaks with Dr. Seth Shostak and Dr. Seth Lloyd on the topics of Life In Universe & Quantum Computers

Exploration - Origin of Religion&Thought

Monday 20th May 2019

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Dr Dan Dennet and Dr. Steve Pinker on the topics of Origin of Religion & Thought 

Exploration - Space Travel

Monday 13th May 2019

Host Dr Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Tom Jones on the topic of Space Travel 

Exploration - Einstein's FBI File

Tuesday 7th May 2019

Host Dr Michio Kaku speaks with Fred Gerome on the topic of  Einstein's FBI File

Exploration - Biotech Future

Monday 29th April 2019

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Robert Lanza on the topic of Biotech Future. 

Exploration - Sate of The Earth

Monday 22nd April 2019

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with environmentalist Lester Brown on the topic of the State of The Earth

Exploration - War In Space

Monday 8th April 2019

Dr Michio Kaku speaks with Michael Moore on the topic of War In Outer Space

Exploration - Meteors and Asteroid Impacts

Monday 1st April 2019

Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Ken Croswell on the topic of Meteors and Asteroid Impacts 

Exploration - Black Holes&Time Travel

Tuesday 26th March 2019

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Fulvia Melia and Dr. Richard Gott on the topics of Black Holes & Time Travel