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Windows On The World

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Windows On The World

Mark WindowsWindows on the World is aimed at those who are fed up with propaganda from mainstream and most importantly want to do something about it.

We aim to offer solutions without fear mongering.

Cutting Edge News: The latest, from suppressed health information to interviews with those who have been shut down by the corporate mainstream media.

Empowering information: From Lost civilizations to the broken system of law, joining the dots of the bigger picture.

No Conspiracy Theories. Windows on the world only reports news backed up with facts. We constantly prove that the mainstream are spreading conspiracy theories.

Mark's website is

Windows On The World Show Archive:

EU And UK Propaganda Exposed

Sunday 17th February 2019

Mark Windows on the EU STASI and the shutting down of fact through brainwashing and legislation

Gurus Are Charlatans

Sunday 10th February 2019

A look at the hypocrasy of New Age Gurus plus the corruption of life as we know it.

Fake News Lies Fail?

Sunday 3rd February 2019

Mark Windows on the fall of Fake News

The Post Truth Apocalypse

Sunday 27th January 2019

A look at the latest controlled opposition to the liberation of humanity

No (Br)Exit for Globalists

Sunday 20th January 2019

The Global Action Plan and the UK Global tyrants.

Indoctrination as Education Extra

Sunday 13th January 2019

Part two with Sandi Afdams

Your Indoctrination and Education

Sunday 13th January 2019

The real purpose of education.

Activists v Narcissists Extra

Sunday 6th January 2019

Part two of our show on the Fake Narratives known and loved by the Fake NewsMedia

Activists v Narcissists

Sunday 6th January 2019

Mark Windows and Sandi Adams on the Fake News and New Activism

The Last Revolution Extra

Sunday 30th December 2018