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Windows On The World

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Windows On The World

Mark WindowsWindows on the World is aimed at those who are fed up with propaganda from mainstream and most importantly want to do something about it.

We aim to offer solutions without fear mongering.

Cutting Edge News: The latest, from suppressed health information to interviews with those who have been shut down by the corporate mainstream media.

Empowering information: From Lost civilizations to the broken system of law, joining the dots of the bigger picture.

No Conspiracy Theories. Windows on the world only reports news backed up with facts. We constantly prove that the mainstream are spreading conspiracy theories.

Mark's website is

Windows On The World Show Archive:

Climate Catastrophobia- The Sequel

Sunday 14th October 2018

Piers Corbyn joins Mark Windows for part two of the show on the latest IPCC pantomime promoting the threat of climate change.disaster ...unless we pay up and lose all our rights.

Climate Catastrophobia- The Big Lie

Sunday 14th October 2018

The Technocratic Feudal Society

Sunday 7th October 2018

Check out The Bigger Picture at

Ritual Sacrifice in London-Derfel Gadarn and Friar Forest

Sunday 30th September 2018

Ritual Sacrifice In London - Heretics of Smithfield

Sunday 23rd September 2018

The first in an in depth series on Heresy, the battle for the Bible and the freedom from church and state. The history, the ritual burnings and other executions at Londons Smithfield.

Pantomime Politics Left, Right and Hate

Sunday 16th September 2018

The controlling of the narrative of the Fake Left and Fake Alt Right. Its all Hatespeak Now!

Fake Far Left Supernerds (Artificial Autistic Intelligence)

Sunday 9th September 2018

The extreme fake far left and its usfeul idiots combined with the Supernerds of Artificial Intelligence

The Global Local Con

Sunday 2nd September 2018

The Consensus is falling apart, join us for mind blowing information information

UK Propaganda Puppets Exposed

Sunday 26th August 2018

Climate Zombies Invade Devon

Sunday 19th August 2018