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Between The Lines

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Between The LinesBetween The Lines Newsmagazine. In-Depth, Timely Progressive Analysis on the importance of independent, non-commercial media to strengthen democracy, American foreign policy, wealth and inequality, the need for universal health care, and the urgency of repairing the broken political and economic system.

Since 1991, Between The Lines, produced by an all-volunteer staff, has been made available for broadcast to non-commercial radio stations at no cost, and distributed as a free podcast on iTunes since 2006.

Each week, more than 50 non-commercial radio stations broadcast Between The Lines.

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Between The Lines Show Archive:

Between The Lines (broadcast-affiliate version) - June 19, 2019

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Trump Strategy of Escalating Confrontation with Iran Could Soon Spin Out of Control; Proposed T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Would Hurt Low-Income Consumers Most; The Many Connections Between Climate Change and MilitarismFor more information, related links, transcripts, in-depth interviews and program summary email subscription, visit

Between The Lines (broadcast version) - June 12, 2019

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Trump Retreats From Mexico Tariff Crisis He Alone Created; June 15 National Day of Action Urges Congress to Begin Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump; Vision Zero Network Strives to Eliminate Traffic Fatalities, Injuries through Public Policy Initiatives This Week’s Under-reported News Summary, June 12, 2019For more information, related links, transcripts and in-depth interviews, visit

Between The Lines (broadcast affiliate version) June 5, 2019

Wednesday 5th June 2019

New Evidence Exposes Trump Administration Lies on Motive for 2020 Census Citizenship Question; Why Special Counsel Robert Mueller Must Testify Before Congress; Connecticut Passes Legislation Limiting State Law Enforcement Cooperation with ICEFor more information, in-depth interviews, transcripts and related links, visit

Between The Lines (broadcast affiliate version) May 29, 2019

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Trump Prosecution of Julian Assange Under Espionage Act Threatens Press Freedom; Trump Threats Against Iran, Strengthens Tehran's Hardliners, Weakens Moderates; Campaign Underway to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day in MassachusettsVisit our website at for more information, links, transcripts and in-depth interviews. Follow us on Facebook at BTLRadioNewsmagazine and on Twitter @BTLRadioNews(Does not include fundraising pitches)