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Alternative RadioAlternative Radio provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media.

Alternative Radio, established in 1986, is an award-winning weekly one-hour public affairs program.

With headquarters based in Boulder, Colorado and with only three paid staff, AR airs on nearly 200 radio stations.

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[Michael Pollan] Notes from the Psychedelic Underground

Thursday 21st February 2019

The legalization of marijuana across the U.S. and Canada is making headline news. The study of the medical uses of psilocybin (and other psychedelics) does not. Academic research of psilocybin found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, lysergic acid, and ecstasy is ongoing at major universities around the world. Peer-reviewed articles on the uses of LSD for alcoholism, micro-dosing of LSD for depression, and palliative care to help the terminally ill die peacefully. The Food and Drug Administration has approved some initial clinical trials. And psychotherapists are experimenting in both clinical and clandestine settings. There is a quiet revolution in the way doctors and government officials talk and think about psychedelics. In just a few years, some of these drugs could be publicly available.