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Where Did The Road GoWhere Did the Road Go? aims to go deeper than your average fringe-aimed talk show. We ask hard questions, without being overly confrontational. We support the work of our guests.

We want to bring their ideas and research to as wide an audience as possible, while also viewing it from as many directions as possible.

We seek out the most interesting researchers and avoid the pop culture that is so overexposed today. As a result, you will hear from some people that you would not otherwise. We cover the paranormal in all its forms; Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, Cryptids, Psychic Abilities, etc. We heavily explore Lost Civilizations in many directions. We talk of cataclysms and cycles of ages. We occasionally touch on religion and beliefs. We explore concepts of consciousness and reality, altered states and DMT. And once, in a great while, we may touch on something political. But not often.

We don't follow the path that has been trod before. We seek to be torch bearers down a new road, because so far, the roads traveled have not revealed the answers. So enjoy the show, feel free to interact, ask questions, and open your mind.

Seriah AzkathSeriah Azkath

Seriah has been studying the unknown for around 30 years, and is currently working on a book about it. His studies have spanned from the UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts, and Psychic Abilities, to Comparative Religion and the Occult, to Lost Civilizations and Alternative History, to consciousness and reality. He is very science minded, and investigates new science and alternative science as well.

Seriah is a true skeptic, not a debunker.He questions everything and doesn't dismiss anything completely out of hand. He has been in radio for over 20 years now, hosting a Heavy Metal based show called The Last Exit for the Lost, which follows this show on WVBR.

Broadcast with kind permission.

The show's home page and 'Listen Again' is here: http://www.wheredidtheroadgo.com/

Where Did The Road Go? Show Archive:

Dark Star Rising with Gary Lachman - July 14, 2018


Wednesday 18th July 2018

Seriah is joined by Gary Lachman to talk about his latest book, Dark Star Rising. This is not as political as it may seem on the service, but instead they explore the factors in Magick and Esoterica that connect to current events, and the very strange Synchronicities that have accompanied the Trump presidency.  Outro Music is by Eliza Rickman, Devil's Flesh and Bones from her album O You Sinners! Download  

Before Orion with Bernie Taylor - July 7, 2018


Tuesday 10th July 2018

Seriah is joined by Bernie Taylor who talks about his book, Before Orion, they get into the concept of the hero's quest, and just how ancient some of these tales are. They also discuss his thoughts on Atlantis, The Orion Correlation, Hamlet's Mill, and more... Outro Music is "Big Star" by Ghazm... Download  

UFO Cults and Religions - June 30, 2018


Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Seriah is joined by Aaron Gulyas and Greg Bishop as they talk about Contactees and UFO Cults and Religions.  Outro Music is "Rolling Blackouts" from Spazarre. Download  

Ancient Giants with Xaviant Haze - June 17, 2018


Wednesday 20th June 2018

Seriah speaks with author Xaviant Haze about his latest books on Giants from around the world. Outro Music "Circus Peanuts" by Dredneks. Download      

Weird Cryptids and More with RA Brewster - June 9, 2018


Tuesday 12th June 2018

RA Brewster joins Seriah to cover more weird and strange stories he has collected over the years. End Music by Sax Myle. Download  

John Dee and the Empire of the Angels with Jason Louv - June 2, 2018


Thursday 7th June 2018

Seriah spends time talking with Jason Louv about his comprehensive book about John Dee, Enochian Magick, and the effects all of this has had on our current Culture. Outro Music by Spazzare, "Poisoned Seeds" from their new album Spazzare. Download    

Magick and Flat Earth Non-Sense with Roejen and Daniel Harms - May 26, 2018


Monday 28th May 2018

Roejen from Project Archivist and Daniel Harms join Seriah for a live editionof Where Did the Road Go? They talked to Daniel about Magick and ancient manuscripts, discussed some news articles, including one from a listener about a flat earth convention that fell apart. A fun show that goes all over the place... The Flat Earth Convention that Fell Apart Daniel's Blog Project Archivist Outro Music is "Left Hand Path" by RADII. Download      

Walter Bosley on Ambrose Bierce - Part 2 of 2 May 19, 2018


Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Part 1 of 2 of Seriah's conversation with Walter Bosley about his latest book, Destination Carcosa, which talks about Abrose Bierce and his potential connection to The Empire of the Wheel... Check Out Walter's Blog... Outro Music is "Strange Occurances" from Craft of Unknown Origin Download    

Walter Bosley on Ambrose Bierce - Part 1 of 2 May 12, 2018


Monday 14th May 2018

Part 1 of 2 of Seriah's conversation with Walter Bosley about his latest book, Destination Carcosa, which talks about Abrose Bierce and his potential connection to The Empire of the Wheel... Check Out Walter's Blog... Outro Music is "Through an Aquarium" by Eliza Rickman from her CD "O, You Sinners" Download    

Strange Light Phenomena Follow-Up - Part 2: May 5, 2018


Wednesday 9th May 2018

Seriah, Joshua Cutchin, and Timothy Renner discuss more listener accounts of strange light phenomena. Outro Music by Spazzare with "Duck and Cover" Download  

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