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Where Did The Road Go?

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Where Did The Road GoWhere Did the Road Go? aims to go deeper than your average fringe-aimed talk show. We ask hard questions, without being overly confrontational. We support the work of our guests.

We want to bring their ideas and research to as wide an audience as possible, while also viewing it from as many directions as possible.

We seek out the most interesting researchers and avoid the pop culture that is so overexposed today. As a result, you will hear from some people that you would not otherwise. We cover the paranormal in all its forms; Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, Cryptids, Psychic Abilities, etc. We heavily explore Lost Civilizations in many directions. We talk of cataclysms and cycles of ages. We occasionally touch on religion and beliefs. We explore concepts of consciousness and reality, altered states and DMT. And once, in a great while, we may touch on something political. But not often.

We don't follow the path that has been trod before. We seek to be torch bearers down a new road, because so far, the roads traveled have not revealed the answers. So enjoy the show, feel free to interact, ask questions, and open your mind.

Seriah AzkathSeriah Azkath

Seriah has been studying the unknown for around 30 years, and is currently working on a book about it. His studies have spanned from the UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts, and Psychic Abilities, to Comparative Religion and the Occult, to Lost Civilizations and Alternative History, to consciousness and reality. He is very science minded, and investigates new science and alternative science as well.

Seriah is a true skeptic, not a debunker.He questions everything and doesn't dismiss anything completely out of hand. He has been in radio for over 20 years now, hosting a Heavy Metal based show called The Last Exit for the Lost, which follows this show on WVBR.

Broadcast with kind permission.

The show's home page and 'Listen Again' is here:

Where Did The Road Go? Show Archive:

Ghost Hunting, Magick, Bigfoot, and more - July 7 2019

Thursday 11th July 2019

Roejen from Project and Archivist and Gwen from Uncharted Para-Cryptid Studies visit the show and talk about a variety of Phenomena, including Ghost Hunting, some which we did the night before, Magick, dealing with kids and Magick, Skeptics, Bigfoot, Cryptids, and much more...Outro Music by Strange Machine byPsyche Corporation.Download

Ghost Hunting with Kieran Woodhouse - June 29, 2019

Friday 5th July 2019

Seriah is joined by Kieran Woodhouse who talks about his experiences, the tools he likes and what he doesn't like, and theories as to what people may be experiencing.Outro Music is Nightmares byPsyche Corporation.Download

Evidence for PSI - June 28, 2019

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin, Cherylee Black, and Wren Collier as they look at the evidence for PSI.Outro Music isJohnny Unheimlichwith Hometown.Download

News from the Edge with The Snake Brothers - June 15, 2019

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Seriah is joined by The Snake Brothers as they discuss new discoveries in archaeology, science and the paranormal.They discuss ancient artificial islands, The Nazca Lines, The Electric Universe, Holograms projected into the brain, the creation of living machines, a peek into ancient medicine, and much more. You can find the Snake Brothers are their podcast,Brothers of the Serpent.Mysterious Artificial IslandNazca Lines10 Million Light Year Long Magnetic Field*The Electric Universe ResponseHolograms in the BrainEvolving MachinesDoctor's NotesOutro Music byFifty Dollar Dynasty, On Down the Road.Download     

Movie and Podcast Reviews with Adam and Wren - June 7, 2019

Friday 21st June 2019

Seriah is joined by Adam Sayne and Wren Collier as they discuss, among other titles, The Endless, Janus Descending, Mandy, The Clovehitch Killer, Summer of 84, Hereditary, Mother, The Haunting of Hill House, Channel Zero, The OA, Pyewacket, At First Light, and Deadly Class.Download 

The Failure of the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis - June 15, 2019

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin and Red Pill Junkie as they discuss the failures and alternatives to the ET Hypothesis. They discuss how some of the assumptions have come to be, what it doesn't explain, and some of the other ideas that may help explain what people experience. They discuss the To the Stars Academy and Government involvement as well as much more.Outro Music bySpazzarewith Rolling Blackouts.Download  

We are All Children in the Afterlife with Steve Stockton and Sysco - June 8, 2019

Wednesday 12th June 2019

In Part 2 of this conversation, Seriah is joined by Sysco Murdoch and Steve Stockton as they talk about The Grinning Man, Grinners, Jumpers, some very strange Cryptids, and much more...Outro Music byEliza Rickman, with Lark of My HeartDownload    

We are All Children in the Afterlife with Steve Stockton and Sysco - June 1, 2019

Friday 7th June 2019

Seriah is joined by Sysco Murdoch and Steve Stockton as they talk about some of the events in Sysco's life, including a haunted farmhouse, the Snot Hag, Haunted Woods, Missing Pies, a Guardian Angel, and more...Outro Music byRitualizerwith Haunted.Download    

Listener Stories: Lights, Shadows, and Elves with Wren Collier and Adam Sayne - May 30, 2019

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Seriah, along with Wren Collier and Adam Sayne discuss a selection of stories related by listeners. We deal with stories about anomalous lights, Shadow Birds and Shadow People, and a Toilet Elf!Outro Music is Whirring World byPsyche Corporation.Download   

Listener Stories: Jamie Kimball - Shadow People, UFO's and more - May 25, 2019

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Seriah is joined by Jamie Kimball who talks about his various experiences with UFO's, electrical disturbances, Sleep Paralysis, Shadow people, astral travel, and more...Outro Music byMagic Circle, Gone Again, from their CD Departed Souls. Download