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Where Did The Road Go?

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Where Did The Road GoWhere Did the Road Go? aims to go deeper than your average fringe-aimed talk show. We ask hard questions, without being overly confrontational. We support the work of our guests.

We want to bring their ideas and research to as wide an audience as possible, while also viewing it from as many directions as possible.

We seek out the most interesting researchers and avoid the pop culture that is so overexposed today. As a result, you will hear from some people that you would not otherwise. We cover the paranormal in all its forms; Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, Cryptids, Psychic Abilities, etc. We heavily explore Lost Civilizations in many directions. We talk of cataclysms and cycles of ages. We occasionally touch on religion and beliefs. We explore concepts of consciousness and reality, altered states and DMT. And once, in a great while, we may touch on something political. But not often.

We don't follow the path that has been trod before. We seek to be torch bearers down a new road, because so far, the roads traveled have not revealed the answers. So enjoy the show, feel free to interact, ask questions, and open your mind.

Seriah AzkathSeriah Azkath

Seriah has been studying the unknown for around 30 years, and is currently working on a book about it. His studies have spanned from the UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts, and Psychic Abilities, to Comparative Religion and the Occult, to Lost Civilizations and Alternative History, to consciousness and reality. He is very science minded, and investigates new science and alternative science as well.

Seriah is a true skeptic, not a debunker.He questions everything and doesn't dismiss anything completely out of hand. He has been in radio for over 20 years now, hosting a Heavy Metal based show called The Last Exit for the Lost, which follows this show on WVBR.

Broadcast with kind permission.

The show's home page and 'Listen Again' is here:

Where Did The Road Go? Show Archive:

Jeff Ritzmann and the Ghosts of Gettysburg - May 11, 2019

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Jeff Ritzmann returns to the show to talk about his ghost hunting work in Gettysburg, with 3D mapping and more. The conversation also turns to liminality, high strangeness, and UFO's...Outro Music is Fire byDramaScream.Download 

Conspirinormal Episode 245 - Seriah Azkath 2 (Doppelgangers, Vardogers, and Precognition) Jan 23, 2019

Friday 10th May 2019

Seriah's appearance on Adam's great podcast,Conspirinormal...Our really good friend Seriah Azkath from the very excellent "Where Did the Road Go?" Podcast joins us on this really informative and deep episode. We get into some of the concepts that Seriah has discussed on his show. We look into precognition and the concept of Time loops and whether we live in a static universe and if free will is a valid concept. We then look at Doppelganger plus just what the hell is a Vardoger?Recorded January 23rd, 2019 

The Esoteric Napoleon with Walter Bosley - May 4, 2019

Tuesday 7th May 2019

Seriah is joined again by Walter Bosley, who speaks about his latest Secret Missions book, The Esoteric Napoleon. They discuss the character assassination that has taken place since his defeat, what he may have REALLY been looking for in Malta, and in Egypt, what may have happened inside the Great Pyramid, and much more...Outro Music is Dangerous Man byIsland of Doubt.Download      

Listener Stories with Wren and Adam - May 3, 2019

Saturday 4th May 2019

After a brief talk about Paramania, and summoning Angels, we get into some listener stories, we talk of strange babies, Shadow People, and Sleep Paralysis, among others...Outro Music: Nightmares byPsyche Corporation.Download    

Borderland Phenomena with Louis Proud - April 27, 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Seriah is joined byLouis Proudto talk about his latest book,Borderland Phenomena - Volume One. They talk about Spontaneous Human Combustion, Electric People, Ball Lightning, Plasma Intelligence, Poltergeists, and much more...Outro Music by Micah Hanks, Never Without YouDownload    

Weird Experiences with Reicher and Stark - April 20, 2019

Wednesday 24th April 2019

Hosts of the YouTube channel Reicher and Stark join Seriah to talk about their strange experiences, Time Loops, Alternate Realities, UFO's, Out of Body Experiences, and much more...Outro Music is Strange Machine byPsyche CorporationDownload  

Strange Familiars and Flannel Man - April 13, 2019

Tuesday 16th April 2019

Seriah sits down in person with Timothy and Alison Renner to talk about how Strange Familiars came about, and how Flannel Man has becomes such a big thing on the show. Of course the conversation goes into all kinds of strange things, as you would expect...Outro Music is Where Angel Wings Unfold byStone Breath.Download   

Listener Stories with Tim Renner - April 6, 2019

Tuesday 9th April 2019

Seriah is joined by Timothy Renner of Strange Familiars as they discuss various listener submitted stories, including Glimmer Man, Staircases in the Woods, Strange Dreams, Haunted Phone Booths, Ghosts, Aliens, High Strangeness, Sleep Paralysis, Fae, Shadows, and more...Outro Music is Whirring World byPsyche CorporationDownload     

Green Children Revisited, New Discoveries, and Kundalini - March 30, 2019

Thursday 4th April 2019

Seriah is joined by Cherylee Black and Adam Sayne and they discuss Adam's take on The Green Children, some new discoveries in science and perception, and they end with Cherylee and Seriah answering some questions about Kundalini...Outro Music:Psyche Corporation"End of the World"Download   

Evil Archaeology with Heather Lynn - March 23, 2019

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Dr. Heather Lynn joins Seriah and they discuss the history of demons and exorcism going back to Sumer, and on to present day, including haunted objects, witches, the djinn, and much more.Outro Music byPsyche Corporation"Medicine Man".Download