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Conspirinormal Hosted by Adam Sayne.

A show dedicated to uncovering the truth in all things paranormal and conspiracy theory related. We attempt to answer age old questions and explore issues affecting the world today with some levity and humor.

We also discuss current events with our international correspondents, while trying to remain unbiased.

The first episode was released in April of 2012, and since then we have had the pleasure of speaking with many voices in a multitude of topics.

Conspirinormal's home page is here:

Conspirinormal Show Archive:

Conspirinormal Episode 260- Dina Rae (Crowns and Cabals)

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Recorded May 7th, We welcome first time guest Dina Rae to the show. We discuss with Dina her interest in various New World Order type conspiracy theories. We also get into how some of these ideas have influenced her to write her new novel"Crowns and Cabals: An Apocalyptic Tale of New World Order". We look into some of the conspiracy theories dealing with Agenda 21 and population control. Plus, what is the role of the UN?You can contact Dina at:

Bonus Episode- Chris Wolford's Counter Point to Ep. 258

Friday 10th May 2019

Recorded May 7th, We're dropping a special bonus episode for the first time this week. We may do more of these in the future. In this short episode Chris Wolford joins Adam to discuss some of the points brought up by Jack Brewer in Episode 258. We go through some of the items coveredin that Episode and get into some more topics dealing with TTSA and AATIP.

Conspirinormal Episode 259- Walter Bosley 7 (The Esoteric Napoleon)

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Recorded April 30th, Walter Bosley rejoins us for a record seventh time on the show. We discuss his book about"The Esoteric Napoleon". We look at Napoleon's military expedition to Egypt and some of the hidden motivations behind it. We discuss how Napoleon could have been interested in finding proof of an ancient civilization and what it could have meant for his career and destiny. We also explore the forces arrayed against Napoleon and what their motivations were for defeating him. Plus did Napoleon switch places with his brother and live in the United States and what was he looking for while here.You can contact Walter at:

Conspirinormal Episode 258- Jack Brewer 2 (The UFO Trail)

Monday 29th April 2019

Recorded April 23rd, We return back to normalcy for episode 258. We welcome Jack Brewer back to the show to discuss some of the latest events in UFOology. We look at some of the doubts Jack has about the latest TTSA and AATIP revelations. We also explore some of the similarities betweenQanon and the UFO community. We then move into some of Jack's thoughts about"American Cosmic"and some controversy surrounding it.Check out Jack's excellent blog:

Conspirinormal Episode 257- Aage Nost (Aliens and Agenda 21)

Monday 22nd April 2019

Recorded April 16th, 2019We welcome back Aage Nost to the show. We talk to Aage about a number of topics including reincarnation and ancient knowledge. Our main topic draws from Aage's new DVD dealing with Aliens and Agenda 21. We look at how the evil aliens may actually be terraforming the planet using nefarious elites to further their diabolical plans. In the second part of the show our friend Jedediah joins us to talk about some of his weird personal experiences. You can contact Aage at:

Conspirinormal Episode 256- Jason Offutt (Chasing American Monsters)

Monday 15th April 2019

Recorded April 9th, 2019 We finally get the great Jason Offutt on the show. We discuss with Jason his new book"Chasing American Monsters: Over 250 Creatures, Cryptids&Hairy Beasts". We look at some of the weirdest Cryptid Creatures from our home states and some other weird stories from the book. We also look at the feasibility of bigfoot and the credibility of Patterson-Gimlin film plus some Black Eyed Kid weirdness!In the outro Adam fills the guys in about his experiences at Paramania 2019 in Georgia. You can contact Jason at:

Conspirinormal Episode 255- Red Pill Junkie 2 (More American Cosmic, Jacques Vallee, and TTSA Concerns)

Monday 8th April 2019

Recorded April 2nd, 2019Red Pill Junkie rejoins us to help us discuss our interview with Diana Pasulka on the last episode. We dig further into some of the ramifications of the book, the link to transhumanism and Silicon Valley, We also delve into the ideas of Jacques Vallee and how they may have influenced the characters written about in"American Cosmic". We then look at some of Red Pill's concerns and issues about TTSA.You can contact Red Pill at:

Conspirinormal Episode 254- Diana Pasulka (American Cosmic)

Monday 1st April 2019

Recorded March 26th, 2019 Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka joins us in this really interesting and enlightening episode. Dr Pasulka is a professor of religion who has written a book called"American Cosmic"about her experiences dealing with researchers in the UFO field. We speak to Diana about some of the ramifications of UFOs being used as a new religion. We also look at the relationship between UFO research, religion, transhumanism, and Silicon Valley.Check out Diana's website at: To purchase a copy of the book go to: Coupon Code: AAFLYG6

Conspirinormal Episode 253- Jenny Ashford and Tom Ross 3 (Much More 13 O'Clock Madness)

Monday 25th March 2019

Recorded March 19th, 2019 We had a guest cancel at the last minute so we got our friend's from the 13 O'Clock podcast to join us. We speak to Tom and Jenny about everything from Goth Music, serial killers, UFOs, and just about everything else under the sun. Sit back and Relax and enjoy with an alcoholic beverage in your hand. Check out Jenny and Tom's awesome show at:

Conspirinormal Episode 252- Zack Hunt 2 (UnRaptured)

Monday 18th March 2019

Recorded March 12th, 2019 We welcome our good friend and fellow Nashvillian Zack Hunt back to the show, We discuss with Zack about his book"Unraptured: How End Times Theology Gets It Wrong". Zack tells us about how he got super into the concept of the Rapture and how his viewpoints on End Times Theology has evolved over time. We look at some of these concepts, where they come from and whether or not they are biblical or not. Zack also tells us about what he thinks the book of Revelation really means.Check out Zack's blog at :