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Green Crush / Conspiracy Queries

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Greencrush / Conspiracy Queries

Alan ParkComedian and Stage 4 Cancer Victor Alan Park talks Cannabis, Cancer and the World from his unique perspective.

Why does the media highlight the trivial, and ignore the monumental? Is this deliberate? Alan Park questions the official story, attempting to reveal the conspiracy, and uncover how and why we are being lied to.

This is the show that asks the question: "why don't we ask more questions?" Are people afraid of the answers?

A lot of these questions might not be pleasant, but it's an exercise in personal and public freedom to even ask them. The moment we stop asking questions is the moment we stop participating in our own freedom. And the difficult questions, the ones that are so scary you we're afraid to ask and afraid of the answer, these are the questions we like to ask on conspiracy queries."

With over three decades of stand-up comedy experience, and multiple seasons as a principle on the CBC Television's "Royal Canadian Air Farce", Alan Park brings a wry wit and spot-on comic observation to some of the darkest, scariest things out there, things other shows don't even want to ask.


Green Crush / Conspiracy Queries Show Archive:

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 59 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 131

Thursday 20th December 2018

If the Cannabis Act of Canada, born October 17, 2018 were a human baby, clearly the poor thing suffered in vitro from fetal alcohol syndrome. By its first Christmas, it's already a brain-dead beacon to the world of what NOT to do. Patrick Whyte of drops by with news of his turning to Cannabis and how it's helped his life. For quite awhile, Patrick worked at "legal" dispensaries before Canada officially legalized. We catch up on many post-legalization bombs, bringing you perspectives from both sides of the industry. - Support Green Crush! Every dollar helps! As always, find Green Crush at these fine places online: http://GreenCrushPodcast.Com - Courtesy of http://CannabizDaily.Cohttp://Twitter.Com/GreenCrushPod iTunes Google Play...

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 58 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 130

Wednesday 12th December 2018

It’s hard to talk about the Canadian cannabis scene, and not mention Licensed Producers. Like it or not, they are a huge player. We’ve had a guest from that world before, it’s time again.  Aron Cadeau is a Canadian businessman sitting on top of CastleBlack.Com, selling Jamaican grown cannabis to the world.  Like so many active types in this field, Aron comes at this effort honestly through its medicinal abilities that aided someone close to him. It is fascinating to have shepherded a company on both sides of Canada’s legal-lies. Aron has insights on many of the players on both sides of the fence. We're also joined today by our new friend from Johannesburg, South Africa - Didier Miguel, who we'll be having back in the new year for a longer interview. He's launching Canna Traveller thanks to the recent decriminalization of Dagga. We continue to connect the dots around the globe as Cannabis re-emerges from wrongful suppression, and its rich history is revealed in nearly...

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 57 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 129

Tuesday 20th November 2018

Effective October 17, the new Canadian cannabis paradigm of "legal lies" portrays the notion that cannabis is all bad and only bad. You’re not really allowed to promote any positive benefits from cannabis. Our guest, Straight Cannabis reporter and author Amanda Siebert, promotes all kinds of positive benefits from cannabis. She knows its truth as a journalist and now with her new book - The Little Book Of Cannabis - Amanda reveals more of what the government ignores in order to craft legislation without those facts - choosing instead to bury the positives under the colour oflaw, to the best of their (in)ability.Buy Amanda's new book "The Little Book of Cannabis" now at - Support Green Crush! Every dollar helps! As always, find Green Crush at these fine places online: http://GreenCrushPodcast.Com - Courtesy of...

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 56 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 128

Wednesday 14th November 2018

High Canada magazine needs someone to run it, and Cy Williams has been doing that since the beginning.  Only someone with a deep pool of knowledge could pull that off and Cy does it with flare, earning him a Lift & Co Canadian Cannabis Award nomination for Top Influencer 2018.  From the perspective of an influencer in the industry, and as a true lover of this substance, Cy has always had a steady accurate take on the flow of the business. We discuss this and Check out the latest copy of HIGH! Canada now at - Support Green Crush! Every dollar helps! As always, find Green Crush at these fine places online: http://GreenCrushPodcast.Com - Courtesy of http://CannabizDaily.Co http://Twitter.Com/GreenCrushPod  iTunes  Google Play...

GC - The Countdown to Legalization Episode

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Countdown to “Legalization”. It twists in my stomach, when I know how horrible it is. A poorly created architecture of nonsensical laws, all predicated upon a lie. Shouldn’t be surprised though – that’s exactly the same way we go to war. For the second time on this show, we are graced with the presence of the fighting Irish – in the form of Vera Twomey. Her daughter Ava no longer drastically suffers, courtesy of her mother’s ability to get cannabis into little Ava’s body. The premise is the problem. It’s how government have been framing the substance, and framing the argument away from any logic. It seems they are getting away with it. All without the needed ‘education’, they have been demanding and promising along with their legalization. Watch Vera confront Ireland’s head of state, while graciously receiving the Person of the Year Award last April. This uncensored clip was edited out - by lying cowards - of all official...

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 55 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 127

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Never having the opportunity, I don’t know what it’s like to be in command of 75 tons of cannabis. Our guest, Brian O’Dea, does. He was caught with that much and paid a heavy price for it: in a maximum security federal penitentiary in California. Live and in the studio, Brian refreshes us with his perspective on cannabis scene now, of course and a lot of the wild stories and from his early days. One thing is clear: demons are at the governing helm. Official policies are non-watertight baskets of fictions and lies and designed to punish. We dissect the artificial concerns of health and care that are dangled as shiny baubles to prevent us from accessing our birthright. Read more about Brian and get his book HIGH: Confessions of a Pot Smuggler at - Support Green Crush! Every dollar helps! As always, find Green Crush at these fine places online: http://GreenCrushPodcast.Com - Courtesy of...

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 54 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 126

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Always up for knowledge infusion, experts weigh in about the science of plant medicine, its social uses. its upcoming distribution and enforcement, its medicinal applications… And on and on, and this is all coming from one expert - Siobhan McCarthy. Initially using cannabis as her only workable pain relief, Siobhan was able to move beyond the tragedy of a car accident that snuffed out her competitive skating career. 20 years on, she is knowledgeable in multiple fields of this wonderful gift, the plant. Siobhan currently consults and works with CannaReps, Cannalife Botanicals, Fashionably High and Creating Better Days. Decades-long researcher and former UN mole, Sydney White has a new book of poetry for the “politically incontinent”. These musings a result of her take on the criminally unfolding governmental spread about which she’s held lectures for the last 19 years  

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 53 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 125

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Across the globe across the map, Australia is laying down some crap. Return guest and crusher Jenny Hallam explains her legal predicament, a result of helping people eliminate pain, for near no cost. The saga this woman has gone through is nowhere near over, and she faces 18 years in prison for nothing more than revealing facts and helping people benefit from them. Please consider donating for legal fees to keep Jenny out of jail! Book-ending the episode is another run through some of the top fallacies in today’s media regarding Cannabis.

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 52 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 124

Wednesday 29th August 2018

Paul Hartmann has too much science in his brain so we needed to help him pull some of it out. Enjoy the results, and use common sense to benefit from it. Emma Boniface was a 14-year-old with the idea of using cannabis for pain relief from scoliosis. Her failed attempts at multiple pharmaceuticals left her in a horrible condition. She’s now a 15-year-old cannabis advocate and her organization - Pot for Teens - was the topic of her speech this morning at an assembly held in a Canadian Parliament building. Watch a clip of her speech at: This episode could be entitled, Pledge Drive. More than a year we’ve been doing our best bringing the truth, now we ask for some help from our audience, to help us grow our audience. Thanks for listening and support at:

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 51 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 123

Tuesday 21st August 2018

All the way up to this many episodes and back to the beginning of the purpose: to give a special thanks that I am still here. Our guest, Joanna Baker a.k.a. Puff Mama – was the first person outside of my immediate family, with whom I shared my terminal diagnosis. Knowing nothing of Cannabis I trusted her help in locating a supply of quality medicine.   Purveyor of the ‘Comedy Underground’ on Toronto’s Queen St. East, Joanna has been running a successful room for comedy shows and cannabis lovers for 12 years. Check out recipes, comedy and more at