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ParadigmsPARADIGMS - Hosted by Baruch Zeichner.

Paradigms is a radio show that brings you inspired inspiring people exploring visions of a viable future for life on Earth, including humans; and great music from around the world!

Paradigms was inspired by the recognition that humans need to know that there are things that are working. We need to know that there are possibilities.

We thrive when we interact with each other in the context of making things better. We are inspired by ideas, and by each other, and by problems to solve. We are often at our best when things are at there worst.

Right now in the world we face major challenges, and there are inspired inspiring people addressing those challenges. We can all be those people.

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Broadcast, with thanks, under a Creative Commons Licence.

Paradigms Show Archive:

Petite Celine– Musician, Artiste, New CD “Man Made Fire”

Monday 22nd April 2019

Petite Celine is a Franco-American singer/songwriter. Her new album is Man Made Fire. The songs vary in style, as Celine is intent upon bringing cross cultural and creatively diverse material to the world. Celine and Baruch had a conversation about…More ...The postPetite Celine– Musician, Artiste, New CD “Man Made Fire”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

John Westmoreland– Musician, New CD “Cast Fire”

Monday 15th April 2019

John Westmoreland is a native of North Carolina. He’s been playing music since he was a kid, inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. John has a new album called Cast Fire which is remarkable in it’s…More ...The postJohn Westmoreland– Musician, New CD “Cast Fire”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Yoeke Nagel– Journalist, Author, New Book “Searching”

Monday 8th April 2019

Yoeke Nagel is a journalist and author from The Netherlands. In this book Yoeke tells the story, quilted together over decades of research, of her Grandmother Jeanne van Emden, a member of the Dutch Resistance during WWII. This is the…More ...The postYoeke Nagel– Journalist, Author, New Book “Searching”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Phil Hewitt– Journalist, Runner, Author New Book “Outrunning the Demons”

Monday 1st April 2019

Phil Hewitt is a journalist and a marathon runner. In 2016 Phil was stabbed and nearly died. Phil’s new book Outrunning the Demons is a collection of vignettes, accounts of people who have faced a trauma of one sort or…More ...The postPhil Hewitt– Journalist, Runner, Author New Book “Outrunning the Demons”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Philip Be’er – Therapist, Theorist, B-Loops

Monday 25th March 2019

Philip Be’er tells an interesting story of how his experiences of trauma led him to psychology and to work with trauma recovery. Philip has developed his own methods for discovering, mapping, and recovering from trauma. Baruch and Philip discuss ways…More ...The postPhilip Be’er – Therapist, Theorist, B-Loopsappeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Poranguî – Musician, Healing Arts Practitioner, New CD” Poranguî Guided Journey”

Monday 18th March 2019

Poranguî is a person whose life and work are informed by growing up tri-cultural . His roots are in Brazil, Mexico and the US and he’s just released a new recording of vibrant “journeying” music Poranguî Live. There is also…More ...The postPoranguî – Musician, Healing Arts Practitioner, New CD” Poranguî Guided Journey”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Frances Moore Lappé – New Book “Daring Democracy”

Monday 11th March 2019

Frances Moore Lappé is a visionary, a writer, a world changer. Her first book Diet For A Small Planet changed the way many Americans eat and view their relationship with food. Frankie has just written her 19th book, along with…More ...The postFrances Moore Lappé – New Book “Daring Democracy”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

T O B I A H– New CD “Are We Angels”

Monday 4th March 2019

T O B I A H  is a singer-songwriter from the UK. Her new record Are We Angels is a remarkable collection of original songs. Tobiah’s connection with animals, and people, and her compassion, shine through the music. You can…More ...The postT O B I A H– New CD “Are We Angels”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Del Shores– Actor, Writer, Producer and Director – “Sordid Lives” New Play “This Side of Crazy”

Monday 25th February 2019

Del Shores is a writer, producer and performer. He is the creator of numerous stage plays as well as Sordid Lives: The Series and two feature films Sordid Lives and A Very Sordid Wedding which are brilliant, funny, compassionate, and…More ...The postDel Shores– Actor, Writer, Producer and Director – “Sordid Lives” New Play “This Side of Crazy”appeared first onParadigms Podcast.

Metanoia of Vermont– Homesteading with Spirit

Monday 18th February 2019

Metanioa of Vermont is the creation of Lisa and Mark Kutolowski, combining the ruggedness of living in Vermont and the relationship with nature that fosters, with a Christian spiritual/religious paradigm. Given the resistance to loving/caring for nature that is often…More ...The postMetanoia of Vermont– Homesteading with Spiritappeared first onParadigms Podcast.