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Radio EcoshockEcology Radio Show. Latest science, authors, issues & news - from climate change, oceans, Nature, forests, pollution, peak oil, the economy, and peace.

Hosted by Alex Smith,  Radio Ecoshock Show is at the cutting edge with top scientists, authors and activists.

The #1 green global radio program.

About Alex Smith

In its eleventh year on the air as of 2017. Previously a researcher for a global environment group, print journalist, homesteader, world-traveler, and private investigator.

Broadcast by kind permission of Alex Smith & Ecoshock

Ecoshock Show Archive:

Radio Ecoshock: Climate Threats&Electric Dreams

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Author, professional threats analyst, and host of Robert Scribbler’s Blog– Robert Marston Fanney– on the big picture of climate change and how he struggles to take his emissions toward net zero. Radio Ecoshock 190515

Radio Ecoshock: Harsh News from the Weatherman

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Are you tired of nightly news reporting horrible weather disasters and never mentioning climate? You need a real meteorologist like Nick Humphrey. Nick lives in the American heartland, Nebraska, just wrecked by floods. We go from harsh new weather around the world to …

Radio Ecoshock: Smash the Carbon Nightmare

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Atmosphere specialist David Keellings on the new age of super-hurricane/cyclones. Swiss scientist Martha Vogel on multiple deadly heat waves spanning continents. Alex says it’s time to kill tourism. Greta Thunberg on lies her generation must live with.

Radio Ecoshock: Faint Hope Amid Rising Despair

Thursday 25th April 2019

NASA scientist Peter Kalmus explains how he slashed 90% of his personal emissions. Senior South American reporter Sue Branford warns the Amazon rainforest, the lungs of the planet, is not just dying. It is being murdered. Then we will hear 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s …

Radio Ecoshock: The Burning Question

Wednesday 17th April 2019

As the second largest land mass on the planet, Canada is warming at twice the global average. The vast Canadian Arctic is heating three times average. The impacts spread around the world. Leading scientist Dr. Nathan Gillett explains a new climate change report …

Radio Ecoshock: Rebel Against the Future

Wednesday 10th April 2019

Scientists rush to find the cause of natural instability,& whether it could happen again– From Australia, Dr. Laurie Menviel. Matt Fitzpatrick, head of Global Change& Biodiversity Lab– with a map showing the future climate for most cities in North …

Radio Ecoshock: When Clouds Cannot Continue– The Great Warming

Thursday 4th April 2019

At cloud doomsday Earth’s temperature soars 8 degrees C, 14 degrees Fahrenheit. We hope that will never come, but if we go there, that is the end. New science from the lead author, Tapio Schneider at NASA. Then from the Post Carbon Institute, …

Radio Ecoshock: Surviving the Future– Shaun Chamberlin

Wednesday 27th March 2019

I’m pleased to welcome back Shaun Chamberlin from the UK, after his arrest at the Extinction Rebellion action. Shaun advised groups from Chelsea Green Publishing to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. He co-authored a report to Parliament& co-founded Transition …

Radio Ecoshock: Eco-Anxiety&Extinction Rebellion

Wednesday 20th March 2019

What to do with all the terrible news about our planet? Scientist Rob Muir’s“Environmental Dialogues” interviews UK philosopher Rupert Read& academic-gone-activist Alison Green about the Extinction Rebellion. Anna Jane Joyner& Mary Anne Hitt podcast“No Place Like Home” fights off …

Radio Ecoshock: The Rules of Extinction

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Extinction is roaming the world. In truly shocking new science, Australian biologist Corey Bradshaw finds we are closer to the brink than anyone thought. Plus a great new action song from Sweden, and an intimate chat with one of the foremost climate scientists …